Vote-to-kick option will be removed from Rainbow Six Siege later this season

Will this make the Quick Match playlist better or worse?

Image via Ubisoft

The Quick Match playlist is a fun and casual mode for Rainbow Six Siege players who don’t want to experience the intense Ranked playlist. But the playlist attracts a lot of toxic players who sometimes queue with other toxic individuals. These players will often vote-to-kick their teammates for no reason and send them back to the lobby. 

This will no longer be an issue later this season, however. The vote-to-kick option is being removed from the game, Ubisoft announced today.

Operation Shadow Legacy introduces several meta-changing updates and introduces Zero, better known as Sam Fisher from the Splinter series. The removal of the vote-to-kick option is hidden at the bottom of the Shadow Legacy patch notes despite its significant change to a popular playlist. 

Ubisoft explained that the vote-to-kick option has drifted from its original intention and is used more as a griefing tool. 

“We’ve been monitoring the use of vote-to-kick and have found that it has since strayed from its original intent, leaning towards a more toxicity-related use case,” Ubisoft said. “With the numerous RFF conditions in place, as well as the improved player-reporting panel, we feel the original need for vote-to-kick should be fulfilled by these other options for reporting toxic players instead.”

Many players have abused the feature to kick players without reason, which is a major issue. Removing the feature will prevent this from happening and could make the Quick Match playlist a less toxic environment. 

But some players believe the change will have negative implications. Players who purposely throw a match can no longer be removed once the update goes live. This means that players will be stuck with toxic teammates and can only report their behavior. Many players believe the reporting feature isn’t useful and doesn’t sufficiently deal with problematic players. 

Siege players will have to wait for the feature to be removed later this season to see how it impacts the Quick Match playlist and if it’ll be a positive or negative change. 


Jalen Lopez
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