Ubisoft reveals Bug Hunter Program for R6 Siege

Clever, Ubi.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft initiated the new Bug Hunter Program for the Technical Test Server (TTS) today. Unlike R6Fix, the Bug Hunter Program rewards players for reporting bugs and it’s now live.

The official post outlines how R6Fix and the Bug Hunter Program aren’t meant to work independently, but rather, compliment one another.

Bug reporting will work the same as it has in the past—players will use R6Fix to report their findings on the TTS. The Ubisoft QA team will review and attempt to recreate the bug. If QA is successful in recreating the bug, then the bug hunter will be acknowledged. Once a bug hunter has three reports acknowledged, they’re rewarded with a cheeky chibi that gives a shoutout to a hilarious past bug in Rainbow Six Siege.

The chibi reward is a call back to the “raptor legs” bug from seasons past. The charm has been requested for some time now, to the point where a Ubisoft community manager got involved on Reddit last year. Granted, the final chibi charm went in a more comical direction, but it’s impressive to see that something the Reddit community dreamed about made it into the game.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft plans to include more tiers for rewards in the future. For now, players can hop into the TTS and start bug hunting for a chance to snag the raptor legs chibi.