Ubisoft releases joint operator video alongside Operation Ember Rise

A big personality comes to Siege.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Ember Rise goes live today, but up until now, fans have been missing one crucial part of the new season’s release—the operator video. 

Traditionally, fans are given an operator video for each operator that’s introduced in a new season. The videos offer brief glimpses into the character of each operator as well as their abilities. Lately, videos have been going back and forth between featuring one operator each and having both new ops appear in the same video. Ember Rise’s operator video takes the latter approach.

The long-awaited Operation Ember Rise operator video features both Goyo and Amaru comedically reflecting on a mission they recently completed. It’s a fun little romp to set the tone for the off-beat season. Amaru’s Garra Hook is perhaps the wackiest gadget to hit Siege, while Goyo is a nicely grounded foil to Amaru’s larger-than-life persona and gadget. 

Despite the mediocre season that Operation Phantom Sight turned out to be, the operator videos were undoubtedly some of the best that Rainbow Six Siege has seen thus far. Phantom Sight had its fair share of issues at launch but the hype gained from the early release of its operator videos was felt across the community. The preseason release of an operator video was sorely missed leading up to Operation Ember Rise’s release and added to the confusion of when the season would launch.

While fans questioned whether this season would be getting an operator video due to Ubisoft holding the video until today, almost everyone can agree that it’s better late than never. Operation Ember Rise is now live on PS4, Xbox, and PC.