Ubisoft releases gadget teaser for Y4S3, confirms the operator names

The teaser confirms past gadget leaks.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Past leaks regarding Operation Ember Rise operator gadgets have been confirmed in a teaser posted on Twitter today along with a possible name reveal. The attacker will, in fact, have a grappling hook and the defender will have an incendiary trap shield. 

Ubisoft’s teaser features Operation Velvet Shell operator Mira testing out both a grappling hook and a shield with an explosive canister attached to its back. The grappling hook looks like it’s certainly used for hatches since the test footage shows Mira trying to get a dummy through a small opening that could be a placeholder for a hatch. Since the test is horizontal and not vertical, the openings could also be placeholders for windows. 

For the shield gadget, it appears that players will be able to trap deployable shields with a gas canister and control when the trap is activated with a well-placed shot to the canister. While this is one of the less imaginative operator gadgets, it could add to the presence of deployable shields in the field. 

The teaser ends with a reference to an operator named “Jordan,” which would most likely be referencing Jordan Trace, or Thermite as he’s more widely known. The reference here adds a bit more depth to the characters since it appears Mira has won some kind of bet between herself and Thermite. The bet would make sense given that Thermite’s gadget also revolves around an explosive that can breach metal. 

More interesting information came from an official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter account, too. The same source who’s been leaking consistently accurate information noticed a post on an official Twitter account that revealed the operator names as Amaru and Goyo. While names are a bland detail at this stage, it’s still odd to see so much ahead of the full reveal. The same could be said for Operation Phantom Sight, but this may just be the new trend going forward. 

Operation Ember Rise continues to look intriguing but it’s suspected that fans have tempered expectations since the lukewarm reception of Operation Phantom Sight. Today’s teaser confirms past leaks and further proves that this particular source can be trusted in the future. Fans will undoubtedly be looking into the Y4S4 leak surrounding Jäger’s competition from here on out. 

The full Operation Ember Rise reveal will happen during the final day of the Six Major Raleigh on Sunday, Aug 18. Fans can catch the official broadcast here