Ubisoft partners with SpecialEffect for R6 UK Ireland Nationals

It's a worthy operation.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Ubisoft is partnering with U.K.-based charity SpecialEffect for its Rainbow Six Siege U.K. Ireland National (UKIN) esports league to help raise awareness for the charity’s work in making gaming more accessible for the physically disabled.

The collaboration will last for one year with various charity events and activities set to be announced throughout 2021.

SpecialEffect helps by tailoring hardware solutions for its beneficiaries, whether it’s modifying personal, comfortable controllers for the physically disabled or adding accessibility options like switches or voice and eye control. You can find out more about the organization on its website.

The UKIN Premier Division began Jan. 14 and runs until March 11 to find the top four teams to participate in its Spring Finals, set for March 13 and 14. The eight teams competing include European League 2021 competitors Natus Vincere and cowana Gaming, battling for a share of the £25,000 (about $34,600) prize pool. The top six teams will qualify for the 2021 summer season and stand a chance to further earn a berth in the 2021 Challenger League, while the bottom two teams will fall to the second division.

To aid grassroots esports, Ubisoft has committed to running the UKIN Second Division program throughout 2021, giving local teams a chance to play in an organized, competitive environment. Teams who achieve a top-two placing will be promoted to the Premier Division, where even stronger teams await to test their mettle.