Ubisoft: Organizations own Rainbow Six Circuit spots, not rosters

EUnited leaving the scene left its former players in a tough spot.

Image via Ubisoft

As the North American League for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege nears its conclusion for the 2020 season, Ubisoft issued a reminder to fans of the competitive scene on how ownership for league spots works.

Ubisoft clarified that, according to the global rule book for competitive R6, the ownership of competitive spots within the Rainbow Six Circuit belongs to the organizations, not the teams. This was brought about due to eUnited dropping its R6 lineup at the end of October, thus opening up a spot in the NAL even after the organization secured a spot in the league for the 2021 season. 

EUnited’s former players are ineligible to compete within the US Division as they are because they are no longer qualified. 

This is in direct contrast to a circuit like the Rocket League Championship Series, where if an organization leaves the scene, the players can continue playing together and retain all of the circuit points and qualifier results. 

Since eUnited has officially left the NAL, they have been automatically dropped into last place within their division. 

Thus, Tempo Storm has advanced to seventh place and the normally-played relegation match between the eighth place squad in the US Division and the first-place team in the US Challenger League will no longer be needed. Ubisoft is currently in talks with US Challenger League team RentFree on requirements to advance into the US Division.