Ubisoft launches 12 Days of R6mas giveaway

Blackbeard wants to know if you've been naughty or nice.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

With the holidays approaching, Ubisoft is getting the spirit with its 12 Days of R6mas giveaway.

Ubisoft knows how to celebrate holidays in Rainbow Six Siege. In October, fans had access to the Doktor’s Curse Halloween event. The event featured a new game mode and an overhauled version of the old Theme Park map before it was reworked and re-released with Operation Shifting Tides. The devs didn’t have much in store for Thanksgiving, which is understandable considering the regionality of the holiday. 

With the arrival of the winter season, though, Ubisoft is rolling out the 12 Days of R6mas event on Instagram and Twitter. This is by far the easiest contest to enter since there’s really nothing to it. All fans need to do is keep an eye out for the “#R6mas” post on the Rainbow Six Twitter and Instagram accounts and reply to it. That’s it. From there, Ubisoft will randomly choose a winner on Instagram and a winner from Twitter on each business day from Dec. 9 to 24, according to the official post. Winners will receive a Blackbeard Santa bundle and two random chibis.

If fans plan on entering the giveaway, they must have their DMs open so that they can be contacted by Ubisoft. Fans are also only allowed one entry per day and have 24 hours to collect their prize from Ubisoft. 

This may not be Doktor’s Curse, but it’s something for fans to get excited about during the holiday season. Getting one-tapped by Blackbeard Santa might ease tilt when going against the loathed operator. On second thought, it might feel worse.

The newest giveaway is probably the easiest one to get in on and is now live. Interested fans can find the official rules here.