Ubisoft investigating operator price increase bug

Protect your Renown by double-checking prices.

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Shifting Tides hit Rainbow Six Siege’s live servers today, but fans have noticed a bug that causes operator prices to increase. 

Ubisoft has adopted the policy of discounting past seasons’ operators with each subsequent release. The older the operators, the lower the price with each new season. Each season brings a 120 R6 Credits or 5,000 Renown discount, but an unintentional bug has seemingly reversed those discounts and caused operator prices to soar. 

A Reddit user pointed out a tweet in which another fan attempted to “call out” Ubisoft for the bug that caused Year One operator Buck to cost 25,000 Renown. While some fans are upset by the bug, Ubisoft replied to the Twitter user that it’s already aware of the bug and is investigating the cause. 

Players should beware of these prices and double-check the costs before purchasing operators until Ubisoft announces the fix is live for affected players. It’s unknown if this bug is widespread, but Operation Shifting Tides has had a relatively smooth launch compared to the past two seasons. Ubisoft is also aware that some Xbox users are experiencing connectivity issues that the company is attempting to resolve.

After a lackluster Operation Phantom Sight and a DDoS-plagued Ember Rise, it looks like fans have a winner on their hands with one of the better releases in recent history—assuming they can get on the game, of course.