Ubisoft introduces ‘Siege Champions’ community leadership program

The community is a strength of the game.

Image via Ubisoft

The Rainbow Six Siege community is possibly the largest reason why the game has survived. A rocky launch and the turbulent first couple of years led to massive breakthroughs in terms of player count and Twitch viewership, largely influenced by the stable core community.

And today, Ubisoft announced the “Siege Champions” community leadership program to help deepen that connection. It’s an invite-only program for artists, streamers, content creators, and community builders. There are a few requirements, though. There’s a Code of Conduct to adhere to. Club members can’t have had a Ubisoft account banned either temporarily or permanently at any time, they must be in “good standing” with Ubisoft, and have to be 18 years of age.

“The Siege Champions Program is a Community Leaders Program,” the Ubisoft website dedicated to the new program reads. “Community Leaders Programs enable us to support and celebrate our community, with all they do to share their passion for our games.”

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The program is worldwide, with local support coming from regional Ubisoft offices. Dozens of streamers and artists have been announcing their involvement in the program today.

The announcement comes on the heels of the Memevitational, a community-made tournament created in the wake of the postponement of the Six Invitational.

What the program entails isn’t specified, but examples given include the sharing of art assets with creators, helping organize community tournaments, and getting first looks at upcoming Rainbow Six content.