Ubisoft honors Gris developer with R6 weapon skin and charm

An odd but beautiful little crossover.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Indie title Gris won the Games For Impact award during The Game Awards last night and Ubisoft has paid tribute to the team on its anniversary with a few unique items in Rainbow Six Siege

Gris initially released on Dec. 13, 2018 and has been nominated for numerous awards this past year. The game is centered around a girl named Gris who’s “lost in her own world” and dealing with a trauma in her life, according to developer Nomada Studios’ official site. The ethereally dreamy color pallet and art style are what attracted many fans to the game in the first place, but the underlying themes and emotional beats are what give Gris its staying power. 

Ubisoft paid tribute to the Games For Impact winner by releasing a weapon skin and charm in Rainbow Six Siege on the studio’s anniversary. The skin and charm borrow directly from the game’s art style and the skin is easily one of the better ones in recent memory. Fans have shown a near-universal appreciation of the skin and what it represents. The only gripe players seem to have is that it isn’t a universal charm and is only available for Ela’s Scorpion SMG. 

While fans may be upset by the limited use of the Gris skin, it appears to be a thoughtful move by Ubisoft. Both Gris and Ela share a similar aesthetic when it comes to hairstyle and bold color. Correlation doesn’t always equate to causation but it looks fairly intentional here. 

The Gris weapon skin and charm are available now until Sunday, Dec. 15. All fans have to do to acquire the unique items is log in to Rainbow Six Siege before Dec. 15 and they’ll gain access. It’s an odd crossover, but it’s given fans one of the better skins in recent history and exposed them to a completely different type of game than Siege.

Gris is available on Steam for 50 percent off.