Ubisoft encourages Rainbow Six players to try out Unranked mode with Epic Alpha Pack reward

Black Ice or bust with this new reward from Ubisoft.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The addition of Rainbow Six Siege’s new Unranked game mode is a welcome addition to the core game, but Ubisoft is enticing skeptical players to try the new mode with an Epic Alpha Pack reward. 

Alpha Packs are normally criticized for their high chances of containing duplicate or common items, but it looks like Ubisoft may be switching up the formula with the new reward of an Epic Alpha Pack. Players who win in three Unranked mode matches will be rewarded with an Epic Alpha Pack, something that’s seldom been seen in the game before. Traditionally, Alpha Packs aren’t doled out by the loot tier and are instead left up to chance. 

While the reward seems to be isolated to this specific challenge, Ubisoft will likely implement different tier Alpha Pack rewards in the future. For all those players who are still looking for their Black Ice weapon skins, this is their moment to get a free roll at one with minimal grinding or excess spending. 

The challenge can be accessed through the Ubisoft Club extension, but players will want to hop on this challenge quickly since it’s a part of the weekly challenges. Unranked features the map pool and ruleset of regular Ranked play in Siege, but the main difference is that your rank won’t be affected in any way from winning or losing matches. The mode exists purely for those in between the Casual and Ranked lifestyle. 

Operation Ember Rise is live and it looks like Ubisoft is working diligently to solve issues that pervaded this season’s launch. With the added bonus of winning an Epic Alpha Pack by playing some low-risk matches of Unranked, Ubisoft is giving fans a decent reason to still check out the new season of Siege while the devs iron out some of the messier bits of the Operation.