Ubisoft delays deployment of Siege’s Y5S2.3 patch due to “unforeseen circumstances”

The company will share the updated schedule “at a later date.”

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Y5S.3 update failed to land on the servers today. Ubisoft delayed the launch due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The company will share more details on the updated schedule “at a later date.”

The patch contains gameplay adjustments to Oryx, Fuze, and Gridlock, generally aiming to make playing the operators more comfortable. The tweaks were outlined in last week’s Designer’s Notes.

Oryx’s Remah Dash won’t consume a charge when used to breach a soft wall, according to the patch notes. The recovery time was also shortened to half a second. The intent behind the adjustment is to “increase his mobility to make him more popular and fun to play, while increasing his survivability,” and to make him a better roamer, according to the Designer’s Notes. His presence is on the lower end of the spectrum at less than five percent.

Fuze is getting an extra Breach Charge when the update lands as an attempt to boost his presence and utility. Ubisoft’s data says that on average, players use less than two charges per round. But the extra firepower should allow players to be more liberal with their carpet bombs.

Gridlock’s Trax Stingers may also become a more common obstacle in Siege. Ubisoft will speed up the deployment time on her unique gadget down to nine seconds (from 13), but will also add a small 0.45-second delay before the deployment sequence kicks in. Unlike in the previous changes, Ubisoft doesn’t expect the adjustments to Gridlock’s kit to have “a significant impact on her presence or win delta.”

The Y5S2.3 update would’ve dropped on the servers today for PC only and was scheduled to reach consoles on “the week of July 27.” Ubisoft said it’d deliver an updated maintenance schedule “at a later date” and didn’t mention if the delay will impact the upcoming console release.