TSM coach Gotcha replaces Jarvis in R6 starting lineup

TSM made another move before the close of the regular season.

Image via Ubisoft

Aaron “Gotcha” Chung will be switching from a coaching role to an active player following the decision by TSM’s Rainbow Six Siege team to bench Sam Jarvis.

TSM picked up both Gotcha and Jarvis just before their DreamHack Montreal win in September.

The “NA Shuffle” saw Gotcha ditch Evil Geniuses to take up a coaching position with TSM. Owen “Pojoman” Mitura previously held the coaching spot on TSM before replacing Tommy “Krusher” Samuel on the active roster. That wasn’t the last significant roster move for the troubled squad, though. Khalil “b1ologic” Pleas also departed the team in late August. 

Now, it looks like TSM are once again attempting to create a winning formula by dropping Jarvis in favor of Gotcha. There have been a lot of roster moves in the North American division, but it seems like TSM tinkers the most with its lineup. The organization announced on Reddit earlier today that Jarvis would be benched and said that it takes roster moves very seriously. 

Jarvis and Pojoman are both ex-DarkZero players and fans were excited to see them join forces in the DreamHack Montreal Minor where the team achieved an impressive LAN victory. The decision to bench Jarvis is interesting when looking at where the team stands in the Pro League. 

The bottom two slots in all divisions are reserved for relegation teams. This means that at the end of the season, whichever teams are in the bottom two slots will have to battle Challenger Leauge teams to keep their Pro League spots. Winning out over Challenger teams is easier said than done these days with Soniqs and Luminosity both securing Pro League slots in the North American division at the end of season nine. There’s no such thing as auto-relegation anymore, but chances are that TSM are doing whatever it takes to get out of that relegation slot before the end of the regular season. 

TSM are tied with Rogue, who also have eight points with iffy records of 2-2-6 and 1-5-4, respectively. It’d only take a draw with DarkZero for TSM to overtake Rogue if the latter team can’t secure a draw or win over a strong Evil Geniuses. 

The North American division of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League returns tonight at 7pm CT. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.