TrainHard shuts down, exits EUL hours before scheduled match

The fate of the ex-TrainHard roster is currently unknown.

Image via Ubisoft

TrainHard is officially shutting down mere hours before its Rainbow Six Siege team was scheduled to take on Natus Vincere in the EUL.

“After many years in esports and unforgettable moments, it’s time for us to let go mostly because of economical reasons,” the organization said in a statement posted to its Twitter account. TrainHard finished eighth in the first stage of EUL and are now 1-1 in Stage Two with an overtime loss and an overtime win.

TrainHard acquired the official license to compete in the EUL from Tempra, who also left the scene under dire economic circumstances.

Right now, it appears that the Na’Vi vs. TrainHard match scheduled for June 28 will still happen. There’s been no official word on the future of the roster.

The Rainbow Six Siege Circuit Global Rulebook in section 3.1.1, titled “License Requirements,” says that “All Teams competing in the Rainbow Six Circuit must be represented by a legal entity (association, company …) in order to be provided with a license.”

Without a legal entity to represent them, the former TrainHard roster might be ineligible to compete, according to the rulebook.

Dot Esports has reached out to Ubisoft concerning the interpretation of the rules as it pertains to the former TrainHard roster. Ubisoft has not yet commented publicly or responded to Dot Esports on the issue.