The long-awaited Tachanka rework will hit Rainbow Six Siege’s Test Server tomorrow

The Lord's rework will be available tomorrow.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

In Rainbow Six Siege, if you can’t move, you’re toast. That’s what made the original iteration of Tachanka so bad: he was locked into his turret.

His rework, which will hit Rainbow Six Siege‘s Test Server tomorrow, fixes that problem.

Now you can take Tachanka’s massive DP27 turret with you as you move around the map.

In place of the turret, Tachanka will get the “Shumikha Launcher,” a grenade launcher that fires Molotovs that deal AoE damage, similar to Goyo’s Vulcan Shields.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Tachanka will retain his 9x19VSN in case you want a little more speed, but the DP27 will likely be the more popular pick due to its massive damage. As a secondary gadget, Tachanka can choose between barbed wire and a proximity alarm.

In addition, Tachanka gets Zofia’s “Withstand” ability and therefore is able to pick himself back up from a “DBNO” state.

Overall, the rework seems to have turned Tachanka from a “meme” operator to a must-pick on some maps. Siege fans will be anxious to see how his rework impacts the Test Server and if Ubisoft will need to make any changes before he’s added to the live server.