Tempra ‘fails to register’ roster, loses license to TrainHard

What a bizarre series of events.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Tempra has failed to register an eligible Rainbow Six Siege roster for the 2021 EUL season and has lost its license, Ubisoft announced today

The team will be replaced by TrainHard Esport, who will enter discussions to join the R6 Share program in tier-three status.

As a result, Tempra’s R6 Share skin in the store is now permanently unavailable for purchase. Purchase of an R6 Share team skin directly funds the organizations.

Japanese organization Nora-Rengo has also lost its APAC license, according to Ubisoft. This news was first reported by Haydar “RussianEwok” Ali of SiegeGG. Nora-Rengo broke an “agreement” with Ubisoft that would allow the organization to retain its license if Yasuhiro “kizoku” Nishi was removed from a management position following a series of serious unpaid wage allegations. Kizoku returned to a management position and thus the license to participate in the APAC competition was revoked. Nora-Rengo team skins will also exit the store.

After a lackluster EUL 2020 Stage One, Tempra rocketed to a third-place finish in EUL Stage Two. They exited the EU November Mini-Major in fourth place and narrowly missed qualifying for the 2021 Six Invitational in the EU Qualifier. They lost to MKERS 3-1 in the grand finals of the qualifier.

Christophe “Chaoxys” Soares and Dylan “Dirza” Brigitte will move from Tempra to TrainHard. The rest of the TrainHard roster will feature Martin “Spark” Eberhard, Alexandre “BlaZ” Thomas, and Noé “NoerA” Hassen.