Tempra Esports drops entire EUL roster

There's been speculation about who could replace them.

The entire Tempra roster’s contracts will not be renewed, according to an announcement from the players.

At one point, the ex-Tempra roster were bottom dwellers in the EUL. They reinvented themselves over the course of the year, and qualified for the EU November Mini-Major.

Unfortunately, the team failed to qualify for the Six Invitational 2021 by SI Points, given out to team for performance in the “regular season” of sorts and performance at Majors.

Their campaign for the final SI spot in the EU Qualifier was shut down by Italian roster MKERS, who rolled ex-Tempra 1-3.

The Rainbow Six Siege competitive community is speculating that the roster could have been dropped in order to sign MKERS. Tempra is an Italian organization and takes great pride in being from Italy.