Team oNe Gaming sweeps INTZ in R6 Pro League debut

Team oNe shows up in a big way.

Image via Ubisoft

What seemed like a balanced matchup between INTZ and Team oNe Gaming turned into a bloodbath in matchday one of the LATAM division. Team oNe’s Rainbow Six Siege Pro League debut sent a direct message to the division—the team is here for it all.

To many fans’ surprise, INTZ failed to pick up a single round through the entire match. It almost seemed like INTZ had never played Club House before, as they struggled to gain entry on the attack for six rounds straight. INTZ ran a couple of solid plays to plant the defuser, but it was always a little too late for the returning Pro League team.

Instead, INTZ allowed the newly pro Team oNe to run the match in a brutal fashion. Team oNe disallowed INTZ almost all map control, sometimes even holding them outside the building for a full minute.

After cleaning up all six defending rounds, Team oNe only needed one attacking round to win, and they got the W with a shocker of a rush. After gaining control of INTZ’s Armory site, Team oNe leveled the whole of the INTZ roster lightning fast to seal the match at 7-0.

It was a strong show of force that was rather convincing when thinking about the future of Team oNe in Pro League. For INTZ, the team could have just had an off day, but a 0-7 loss to a newly minted pro team isn’t a good look.

Team oNe will undoubtedly attempt to keep the train rolling through LATAM matchday 2 on Friday, June 21. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.