Team Empire win Rainbow Six Siege EU November Mini-Major

Empire have qualified for SI as well.

Screengrab via @Team_Empire

For the first time since 2019 at Six Major Raleigh, Team Empire are on top of the EU Rainbow Six Siege world.

They defeated French superteam BDS and superstar Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu in a decisive 3-0 victory today, gaining the EU November Mini-Major title.

It has been a long time coming for Team Empire, whose other claim to fame is ending the tyrannical reign of the G2 roster at Raleigh.

Empire completely dominated the reigning EU Mini-Major champions, taking Villa 7-3 and Coastline 7-2. Empire won the winners finals, and therefore entered the grand finals with a one-map advantage. In particular, Empire benefitted from a stellar performance from Danila “dan” Dontsov, who posted incredible stats.

Empire crushed their French competition throughout the tournament, defeating Tempra 2-1 in the opening match of the tournament and BDS 2-1 in the winners finals.

With the victory, Team Empire have qualified for the Six Invitational in February.