Star IGL Canadian returns to Rainbow Six Siege

The return of the king.

Photo by Joao Ferreira via Ubisoft

Troy “Canadian” Jaroslawski is coming back to competitive Rainbow Six Siege.

This move comes after he initially retired on March 13 but returned to Spacestation for the 2021 Six Invitational following the org’s inability to get its stand-in player, Luke, a passport. The most decorated IGL in Siege history elaborated on his decision in a TwitLonger posted today.

“After coming back home from SI, I had two main objectives in mind,” Canadian said. “First, was to take the time to truly think about my situation and make sure if I wanted to return to playing it was with a long term vision in mind. The other was to work on building healthier habits into my lifestyle with the free time I have in order to be a more well equipped and consistent version of myself for whatever I decided to do next.”

Canadian also said he feels this is the best mental state he’s ever been in.

It’s impossible to understate Canadian’s contributions to the North American Rainbow Six Siege scene. He’s one of a mere handful of players who have won the Six Invitational twice and is widely considered as one of the best IGLs to touch Siege.

Canadian said he’s a free agent and is looking for a team. Officially, Canadian can’t be signed to any professional team until the commencement of the next transfer window, which will occur directly after the conclusion of the August Mexico Major. That will officially begin on Aug. 23 and will extend until Sept. 5.