Soniqs are the second team to qualify for the R6 US Nationals

One stage down, three to go.

Image via Ubisoft

The Eastern Conference has its first qualifier for the R6 U.S. Nationals after Soniqs took down Honor Among Thieves yesterday. Despite HAT’s best effort, they were no match for Soniqs on Oregon.

HAT had a particularly hard time adjusting to Soniqs’ strategies early on in the match, which foreshadowed how the game would swing overall. There was no shortage of talent on either side of the matchup, but Soniqs managed to keep HAT running throughout the match.

Soniqs will join Team Reciprocity at the R6 U.S. Nationals finals. Even though Soniqs compete in Challenger League, they shouldn’t be counted out. Just look at Our Bad’s win over Rogue a few weeks ago. The Challenger League is filled with talent and some familiar faces.

The Soniqs roster features Lauren “Goddess” Williams, formerly of Cloud9. Goddess was cut from the Cloud9 roster after they were acquired by Team Reciprocity, meaning Goddess could go toe-to-toe with her former teammates.

Stage one of the qualifiers closed with Soniqs’ 2-0 win over HAT, but teams hoping to qualify can look to stage two. Qualifying for the R6 U.S. Nationals is no small accomplishment, since any team can compete.

The R6 U.S. Nationals will take place in December 2019, but the battle for a spot in the tournament continues in June with stage two of the qualifiers. Fans can watch all of the action on the official R6 broadcast.