Skys breaks down 1-vs-4 clutch vs. BDS: ‘I waited patiently for my opportunity’

Skys made the play of the day. But in the end, it unfortunately didn't matter.

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Alexander “Skys” Magor arguably made the play of the first day of the Six Invitational 2021 group stage.

Early in DarkZero’s Rainbow Six Siege match against BDS today, Skys was left alone against four members of French juggernaut BDS. Had Skys lost the round, BDS would’ve tied the score at 3-3 on their attacking half, a substantial win on Kafe Dostoyevsky. But Skys isolated each player in succession and, to cap it off, won a gunfight against superstar Stéphane “Shaiiko” Lebleu.

“I just remember that Kyle [“Mint” Lander] had died… I honestly don’t remember everything,” Skys said during a post-match press conference. “My teammates communicated where most of the people were… I just waited patiently for my opportunity.

Regardless of precise memory, Skys’ one-vs-four clutch resonated with fans and is widely regarded as one of the best plays of the day. DarkZero went on to lose the map in maximum overtime, however, with a scoreline of 8-7.

Skys also said he’s grateful for international competitions to return. “For like a four-month span, we were literally only playing SSG and TSM,” he said.

Another early loss to FaZe Clan put DarkZero at 1-2 on day one of the group stage. DarkZero went down 5-0 to FaZe in the opening half of the day but fought their way back to a respectable 7-4 loss. Head coach Brandon “BC” Carr said slow starts are normal for DarkZero, though, and it’s something they’ve been working hard to improve on.

“Our comms take a little while to get going… we got penalized and got too far behind to really come back,” BC said. “We didn’t necessarily change the game plan or anything like that. We knew how we wanted to approach FaZe, it just took a while for us to start firing.”

DarkZero are going to have to find a way to start quicker against their next opponent. They take on the red-hot Team Empire on May 13 at 4am CT and can’t afford to drop many more maps. If DarkZero don’t finish in the top four in their group after the round robin has completed, they’ll be facing a single-elimination tournament as opposed to the double-elimination safety net given to those in the top four.