Here are the Six Major Raleigh results and standings

It could be anyone's game, as long as they're from the European division.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The Six Major Raleigh 2019 is in the books. The group stage saw a total elimination of the APAC and NA division presence as well as some massive upsets. Russian newcomers forZe had been tearing down teams left and right but were humbled by their semifinals matchup with G2 Esports.

Despite five North American division teams being present at the event, none of them earned a spot in the grand final. The hopes of North America bringing home a title were crushed when TSM understandably fell to G2 Esports. A win against G2 on LAN is a tall order for any team and TSM just couldn’t make it happen this time around.

Team Empire and G2 faced off in the grand final but it was Empire who emerged victoriously. After an exhausting best-of-five, Empire shockingly humbled G2 3-1.

With the grand final closed out, fans now have their Six Major Raleigh champions. Here are the final standings.

Grand Final

Team Empire vs. G2 Esports

Team Empire win 3-1

  • Border: 7-5 Empire win
  • Kafe: 8-6 G2 win
  • ClubHouse: 7-5 Empire win
  • Coastline: 7-3 Empire win


Team Empire vs. Team Secret

Team Empire win 2-1

  • Bank: 7-4 Empire win
  • Coastline: 7-5 Secret win
  • Border: 7-3 Empire win

G2 Esports vs. forZe

G2 win 2-0

  • Coastline: 7-2 G2 win
  • ClubHouse: 7-2 G2 win


ForZe vs. Vodafone Giants

ForZe win 2-0

  • Consulate: 7-4 forZe win
  • Border: 7-3 forZe win

Spacestation Gaming vs. Team Secret

Team Secret win 2-0

  • Kafe: 7-5 Secret win
  • Bank: 7-4 Secret win

Team Empire vs. FaZe Clan

Team Empire win 2-0

  • Kafe: 7-5 Empire win
  • Clubhouse: 7-1 FaZe win
  • Consulate: 7-4 Empire win

G2 Esports vs. TSM

G2 win 2-0

  • Consulate: 7-4 G2 win
  • Villa: 7-3 G2 win

There’s still plenty more action to come this weekend as the Six Major Raleigh heads toward a dramatic finale. Fans can catch the official broadcast here.