Siege’s Year 7 will introduce Player Reputation, more measures against griefing, and reporting in Match Replay

These updates should help create a less toxic environment.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Year Seven is introducing multiple new systems to deal with toxic behavior like griefing, cheating, and other disruptive actions. 

Toxic players can ruin games in multiple ways. They can cheat and give themselves an unfair advantage or purposely grief or harass their team through voice or text chat. Siege developers are taking multiple steps throughout Year Seven to improve the environment for all players and punish repeat offenders. 

Image via Ubisoft

Season one will introduce improvements that will help combat griefing by immediately disconnecting griefing players after they commit an offense. Season two will add preemptive features to deal with repeat offenders that engage in friendly fire deliberately. Players that have repeatedly attacked their allies will have reverse friendly fire enabled “on a long term basis.” The same system will be introduced to voice and text chat in season three to automatically mute disruptive players. Match cancellation improvements will also be introduced in season two.

Season three will introduce reporting options in Match Replay, allowing players to report instances of harassment and abuse. It will also bring Reputation Scores for players, which will reward players in good standing while punishing repeat offenders in Season Four. 

These changes should consistently improve the state of Siege throughout the year, making it a safer and fun environment. The first season of Year Seven, Demon Veil, releases on Feb 21.