Siege’s Y6S3.3 Designer Notes preview Melusi nerf, buffs to Wamai, Castle, Kapkan, and Hard Breach Charges

The update goes live on the Test Server later today and can still change before it hits the live servers.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming patch is bringing down the nerf hammer on Melusi and showing some love to Wamai, Castle, Kapkan, and a host of other operators. Ubisoft outlined the changes in the Y6S3.3 Designer Notes blog post, showing fans what they can expect when the patch deploys on the Test Server later today.

The Melusi nerf will take the operator’s Nitro Cell and replace it with a Bulletproof Camera. The goal is to “tone down her fragging potential and focus in on her intel side,” placing her role closer to an intel-gatherer instead of making her capable of playing several roles at the same time.

Melusi’s win rate “continues to trend upward,” Ubisoft said, and her win delta has risen almost one percent since the Y6S3 preseason Designer Notes.

Wamai will get two extra uses out of his unique gadget (six, up from four), but their catching area will drop to 3.5 meters (down from five). The aim of this change is to increase Wamai’s map control and make him a “more viable alternative to Jäger and his ADS” based on pleas from the community, the post reads. The catching area reduction is to offset the extra uses of his Mag-NET.

Castle isn’t exactly a sought-after operator and his win delta of negative three percent means a team is more likely to lose by having him on the roster. Ubisoft is looking to change that a bit by giving him an extra panel, allowing the operator to “employ more complex defense setups and stand out as a more effective anchor pick,” even if there’s a Sledge on the other side.

As a balancing tool, it’ll take nine melee hits to break down a fortified panel (down from 12). But the change will still take a lengthy amount of time and is a “more than fair tradeoff,” according to Ubisoft.

Kapkan is also getting a rework that will make trappers lick their lips. Players can set down more than one of the operator’s Entry Denial Devices on each door or window frame. Explosives on the same frame will go off at once and deal 60 damage each, making for potentially deadly traps.

“Attackers will have to contend with more unpredictability when facing him,” the patch notes read, since trapped doors “can go from being a mild inconvenience to a full frag real quick.” The new positioning also means that players can set down traps on each side of the frame, for instance, making it harder for enemies to spot the traps.

Oryx is getting some attention in the patch by dropping the refill time on his Remah Dash to eight seconds (down from 12). Ubisoft also teased “some more tweaks to Oryx in the future,” especially regarding speeding up his ability to climb on hatches. But “it will take more time,” according to Ubisoft.

Clash will lose her P10-C sidearm and get access to the Super Shorty when making her loadout. The P10-C had a pick rate of three percent, according to Ubisoft, and giving her a shotgun “will open up more gameplay options and utility for Clash.”

In addition to the operator changes, Ubisoft will increase the number of Hard Breach Charges to two (up from one). Montagne, Buck, Fuze, Capitão, Amaru, Nokk, Ying, and Zero will all benefit from this tweak.

The patch will also increase the vertical recoil on Alibi’s Mx4 Storm and Mozzie and Aruni’s P10 Roni. The Roni is seeing a nerf to magazine size (15+1, down from 19+1), too.

Not all changes are necessarily final, however. Ubisoft is deploying the update to Siege’s Test Server today and the developers can reconsider any adjustments based on player feedback.