Siege’s Attrition limited-time mode bans operators after each win

Time to bomb players' comfort zones.

Image via Ubisoft

Although most fans have their favorite operators in Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft’s latest mode is going to force players to use characters they may have never even touched.

The company revealed the new Attrition arcade limited-time mode today, which bans a new set of characters every round. Players have less than a week to experiment with the game mode, which will be live until July 13.

Attrition plays like a regular Bomb mode, but with a twist: The winning team gets a point and a fresh set of bans. The operators used in the winning team’s lineup will be locked for the rest of the match, forcing the squad to adapt and move to different strategies.

The pick-and-ban nature of Attrition forces squads to conserve their resources and give team compositions more thought. Picking Thermite and Hibana in the same round, for example, may deny the team a hard breacher in the later stages of a match. Ace’s addition to Siege after Operation Steel Wave gave players another choice of a hard breacher, ensuring that teams have one operator to play the role each round.

To give teams plenty of flexibility, Attrition unlocks all operators to ensure that players can enjoy the game mode without running out of viable characters. It’s also a good opportunity to try out more uncommon operators and take them for a test drive.

While teams will have to be more careful with operator synergy to ensure that characters that go well together are in the same round, the limited-time mode also offers the opportunity to explore more uncommon synergies between unique gadgets or operators.

Attrition is an opportunity for less-played operators to shine. While most matches would have a fairly fixed meta lineup, the limited-time mode eventually forces teams to ban out common operators such as Jäger, Ash, or Zofia. Characters such as Nokk or Alibi, however, are a rare sight but may make an impromptu appearance during the arcade mode as the choices dwindle.

Attrition is live until July 13, which gives players just four days to join in on the action.