Siege will allow players to gift the battle pass, give BP owners a 10-percent discount in the in-game shop

Fashion at a discount and alongside your friends.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s battle pass is getting an unexpected tweak next season. Battle pass owners will receive a 10-percent discount for items in the in-game shop, Ubisoft revealed in a press conference ahead of the release of Operation Brutal Swarm. Additionally, the developer will allow players to gift the battle pass to their friends, though some conditions will apply.

Starting in Operation Brutal Swarm (Year Seven, season three), the battle pass will automatically grant owners a 10-percent discount on in-game items. This means players can pick up skins for their favorite weapons and operators, as well as bundles, at a slightly reduced price. The discount only lasts for the duration of the battle pass, however, so players who want to obtain the cosmetics at a small marked-down price will need to reacquire the battle pass each season.

Additionally, Ubisoft will allow players to purchase the battle pass from a friend through Ubisoft Connect. This offer goes for both the premium battle pass (1,200 R6 Credits) and the premium battle pass bundle (2,670 R6 Credits), but some conditions apply.

Players must be on the same platform to gift each other the battle pass, and they have to be friends through Ubisoft Connect. Gifting a friend on PC comes with an extra layer: players must be Ubisoft Connect friends for over 90 days before purchasing the battle pass for a squadmate.

Despite the platform lock, however, there is no region lock when it comes to buying the battle pass for a friend, meaning they can purchase a battle pass for a friend anywhere in the world. Both the 10-percent discount and the option to gift the battle pass will go live when Operation Brutal Swarm launches.

Update Aug. 22 10:55am CT: We’ve removed a mention of the dates for Operation Brutal Swarm’s Test Server release due to a change in schedule.