Rook’s armor will give Withstand, Dokkaebi’s gadget will affect dead operators in Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm

Withstand is back. Kind of.

Image via Ubisoft

Rook and Dokkaebi will go under the knife in the middle of Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Brutal Swarm. The tweaks will touch on some points of the operators’ gadgets, making them more useful to their team, but the changes won’t launch alongside the season.

Once the changes go live, any operator that falls into DBNO after picking up Rook’s Rhino armor plate can use Withstand. After the animation ends, the operator will revive with 20 health. The objective is to improve Rook’s unique gadget and make him more useful to the team.

Likewise, Dokkaebi will also see some tweaks in the middle of Operation Brutal Swarm. Her unique gadget, the Logic Bomb, will affect dead operators and cannot be interrupted. This change will put more importance on her unique gadget and also pair with the upcoming Impact EMP Grenade, which can give Dokkaebi more utility.

Withstand has been a source of controversy in Siege. Zofia’s passive allowed her to come back from the DBNO state without help from any other operator, making it possibly a game changer. Zofia’s signature ability was fully removed from her kit in Year Five, season four, and although Ubisoft experimented with giving that ability to Tachanka, the experiment never left the Test Server, marking its disappearance from the game.

With the upcoming buff to Rook’s armor, however, the defender will allow anyone who picks up his kit to obtain the Withstand ability, making his armor even more valuable and bringing the ability back to the spotlight.

The changes will not go live alongside Operation Brutal Swarm but will take place at some point during the season. It’s unclear if Ubisoft will push the changes to the Test Server ahead of time.

Update Aug. 22 10:55am CT: We’ve removed a mention of the dates for Operation Brutal Swarm’s Test Server release due to a change in schedule.