Road to Six Invitational event lets you play all R6 operators, even those you don’t own

The limited event will run from Jan. 15 to Feb. 16.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The road to the Six Invitational has begun.

Rainbow Six Siege is counting down the days to “the largest esports event in Rainbow Six history” with an event that kicked off today. The Road to Six Invitational features another Battle Pass, more skins, and a new Stadium map that allows players to use any operator in the game, even if they don’t have them unlocked.

The new map will be available for play “during every weekend leading up to the Six Invitational” and will feature as part of the unranked playlist, which shares a ruleset with regular competitive matches. In the Stadium, every operator is available for play without needing to unlock them first. Players don’t need to upgrade their Battle Pass level to enter the arena, either.

Some operators will also see temporary cosmetic changes in the Stadium. Blitz, Caveira, Hibana, Mozzie, Sledge, and Thermite will sport the colors of their home countries with specially-designed outfits when playing on the map, according to Ubisoft’s official website.

Access to the premium tier costs 1,200 credits, but season pass holders for season four have a 30-percent discount and will earn an extra 30 percent battle points. Additionally, 30 percent of the revenue from the pass will go toward the Six Invitational prize pool.

The Six Invitational takes place between Feb. 7 and 16 in Montreal. You can watch the games on Twitch and fans who are in Montreal can catch the Playoffs and Finals at the Place Bell venue starting Feb. 14.