The return of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League will be delayed in most divisions

APAC remains unchanged, however.

Image via steamXO

Season 10 of the Rainbow Six Pro League won’t resume on time for the majority of the divisions in the league. It’s been nearly two months since the season 10 halfway break. 

Rainbow Six esports fans may be disappointed to learn that the return of season 10 has been pushed back by about a week. The season was originally slated to pick back up on Monday, Sept. 16. Now, it looks like North American, Latin American, and European supporters will have to wait until Monday, Sept. 23 before seeing their favorite teams in action again.

Screengrab via ESL

The only division to return as expected will be the APAC division. Korea will kick off season 10 on its original return date of Sept. 17, but no official schedules have been posted to the ESL page

There have been a ton of roster and staff moves during the break, which only adds to the hype around the second half of season 10. But fans will have to wait a little longer to see some of these new teams in action.

The delay is only a week for most regions, so fans can take this opportunity to catch some APAC action. The division is extremely talented and doesn’t get nearly enough attention from the community at large. Since APAC will be the only active division this week, fans should try to catch a broadcast or VOD if their timezones don’t match well enough. 

While fans have had no shortage of Rainbow Six esports over the past two months, many spectators are excited to get back to a more regimented schedule. Fans can catch the return of the Rainbow Six Pro League on the official broadcast here.