Rainbow Six Siege’s Surrender system gets tweaked in Test Server 3.2 patch

Some minor changes will hit the TS this week.

Image via Ubisoft

The Y4S3.2 patch is coming to the Rainbow Six Siege Test Server (TS) along with some potential changes to the Surrender system. 

Operation Ember Rise has been a bit of a mixed bag for players. The season launched to copious amounts of DDoS attacks and some issues with Goyo, the newest defender, and his unique gadget. Ubisoft has since taken steps to get the game back to a comfortable state for players and it shows in the form of a pretty minimalistic Y4S3.2 patch. 

The most noticeable changes coming to the TS with Y4S3.2 will be the alterations to the Surrender system. Ubisoft will be changing the system to require a unanimous vote to surrender in a match. The option is typically used in the case of a hacker on the opposing team and not wanting to deal with the frustration of hacks. 

To add to the list of changes to the system, Ubisoft is only allowing players to surrender if they’re down in rounds. The option will also only be available in the third round, which seems like an arbitrary restriction. In the case of facing a hacker, it’s fairly clear in the first round if the opposing team is cheating, so holding players in a match for a certain number of rounds is odd, especially when it already requires a unanimous vote. 

Other changes are standard bug fixes that players see every season. This time around, there are some fixes being tested out for floating drones and collision detection with Goyo’s shields. While there isn’t anything too groundbreaking in the Y4S3.2 patch in its current form, there continues to be a steady stream of communication and updates coming from Ubisoft—and that’s exactly what fans called for in the past. 

The Y4S3.2 patch has been rolled out on the TS and is available now for players to check out. As always, Ubisoft encourages players to share feedback and keep an eye out for any bugs they may come across.