Rainbow Six Siege’s Halloween event is live

Let's get spooky.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s Halloween event is here, complete with new skins and a fast-paced game mode.

In previous years, the operators of team Rainbow would be given spooky or gory new skins. This year, though, Ubisoft seems to be focusing on the “treat” part of trick or treat.

Outside of the new cosmetics, the new game mode appears to be closer to Call of Duty‘s Kill Confirmed than traditional Rainbow Six round-based gameplay.

The mode, called Sugar Fright, pits the Tricksters against the Treaters on a new map called Neighborhood, introduced in a quick cutscene. The scene shows Frost falling asleep, then talks about the effects of eating that strange candy. Kills drop candy and the team that picks up 50 pieces of candy first wins.

This is one of the first Rainbow Six game modes that doesn’t feature round-by-round action with one life per round.

For the competitive side of the game, the hope is that this is a test run of sorts for a “deathmatch” mode to get nice and warmed up quickly. For the casual side of the game, there are tons of new cosmetics and a new, fun game mode.