Rainbow Six Siege Y7S1 introduces new Defender Azami

Use Azami's Kiba Barrier to set up an extra layer of defense.

Image via Ubisoft

Year Seven season one is introducing a lot of new content to Rainbow Six Siege, including the new defender Azami. The operator is equipped with a Kiba Barrier, which can easily create a piece of bulletproof cover.

Azami is the newest defender joining the Siege roster and has one of the most exciting gadgets in the game: a modified kunai called the Kiba Barrier. This gadget allows players to throw the devices and create a bulletproof barrier. They can be placed on most surfaces and completely cover windows and smaller doorways. Players can also cover vertical hatches and holes, introducing a unique way to deal with vertical destruction. Its also possible to deploy the Kiba Barrier on smaller surfaces, creating a significant piece of cover that can make a huge difference in open areas.

Video via Ubisoft

Azami is a medium speed, medium health Operator equipped with the 9X19VSN or the ACS12 as her primary weapon. She also has the D-50 as a secondary weapon and barbed wire or an impact grenade as her gadget. Her well-rounded loadout makes her an effective operator capable of adding a significant layer of protection.

The Kiba Barrier’s bulletproof cover can be destroyed with a few melee attacks or explosives, but it is still considerably challenging to counter. Players can use all of Azami’s Kiba Barriers at the start of the round to cover multiple areas, or they can save them and use them as needed throughout the round. A well-placed Kiba Barrier can easily change the pace of an intense gunfight.

Azami will be released in Year Seven season one, Demon Veil, on Feb 21.