Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 overhauls HUD

Enjoy the significant changes.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 is making it easier for players to communicate with their team. 

The new HUD system introduces a revamped compass and other small changes more aligned with Siege’s art style, resulting in a smoother, better-looking experience.

Year six, season four will usher in significant updates like the new operator Thorn, the Outback overhaul, and other quality-of-life updates. The new HUD, though, is a massive and appreciated change. Communicating with teammates is one of the most important parts of Siege, which can be difficult if your team doesn’t use voice chat. The ping system does help point out enemies or other important details, but pings were often hard to see or locate.

The compass now shows pings and marked locations and indicates if the ping is above or below you. This allows players to understand what floor the enemies are on at a glance without having to physically find the ping on their screen. While this is a small change, it makes it significantly easier to communicate with teammates. 

Text action reminders like the prompt to vault or interact with gadgets have been replaced with icons to take up less space and quickly communicate the possible action. Most players don’t have time to read in a gunfight and these icons will help streamline movements and actions. 

The loadout section has also been regrouped together to “follow more consistent display rules” and should help clean up on-screen information. 

The HUD update is just one of the many changes in season sour. Players can also enjoy the new Drone Counter, letting them know exactly how many drones are still around, and try out Thorn, who can surprise enemies with her deadly Razorbloom Shell.