Rainbow Six Siege Y6S2.1 patch fixes silent vaulting

See you later, silent vaulting.

Image via Ubisoft

Rejoice, Rainbow Six Siege players. Silent vaulting has been fixed in Patch Y6S2.1, which is deploying today across all platforms.

The patch is also bringing fixes to Newcomer and Quick Match playlist timers, losses of mouse functionality, a fix for players experiencing randomness when enabling mouse RAW input, and more.

While the patch doesn’t bring any true balance changes, several fixes to key complaints are welcome. Over the weekend, former G2 player Niclas “Pengu” Mouritzen found that bugs that created silent C4s and silent grenades were reproducible.

Sound is everything in Siege. Every action makes a sound, no matter how small. Some three-speed operators can essentially silently move while crouched. But the second they switch their leans or aim down their sights, they make noise.

C4s and grenades make a very distinct sound when prepped, giving the players they’re being used against some way to escape or otherwise know they’re in danger. Silent vaulting fell into this category as well. It’s difficult to be prepared for someone you don’t know is coming. Any fixes or changes to these mechanics will be welcomed with open arms by Siege players.

Other fixes include navigation issues on the recently reworked Favela map, a bug where Thunderbird’s Kona Station marker was visible to attackers, and various other quality-of-life issues.