Rainbow Six Siege player gets solid ace against Fnatic on the Technical Test Server

One Reddit user found professional team Fnatic on the Test Server, and aced them.

Image via Ubisoft

It’s not every day you run across a professional team in Rainbow Six Siege’s Technical Test Server (TTS). Acing them, though? Even rarer. 

Reddit user “-Spyke-” did just that against APAC team Fnatic yesterday. While Fnatic were admittedly playing with coach Jayden “Dizzle” Saunders and without star Patrick “MentalistC” Fan, that doesn’t mean this lineup was significantly worse or that the ace was less impressive. 

Fnatic pushed Spyke heavily after he took out Etienne “Mag” Rousseau in Offices on the newly reworked map Chalet. Spyke dispatched of three Fnatic players with some well-placed grenades, then quickly swung his sights onto Dizzle, who he shot via a sightline through the floor. 

Dizzle stood in for team captain Mag during the Pro League Season Eight Finals in Rio de Janiero 2018 and upset North American powerhouse Evil Geniuses in the process. Fnatic’s victory over EG in Rio is considered one of the greatest upsets in Rainbow Six history. In addition, Fnatic made the main stage at the most recent Six Invitational before falling to TSM and BDS Esports. 

Recently, Fnatic has had a tough time in the newly minted APAC North. Ping issues due to online play and COVID-19 partially caused APAC’s most decorated roster to miss the region’s Mini-Major entirely. 

Fnatic are still a top-tier team in APAC, and as the global pandemic gets under control, they’ll likely have a chance to prove it on LAN. But if they need another stand-in like they did in Rio, Fnatic might want to look into signing this player for a tournament.