Rainbow Six Siege Patch Y6S1.1 confirms recoil bug, fixes ‘knife peek exploit’

Finally, you'll have your normal recoil patterns back.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege’s Y6S1 patch, dubbed “Crimson Heist,” brought a metric ton of bugs with it. But tomorrow, Patch Y6S1.1 will go live on PC, implementing several fixes that the community has been anxiously waiting for.

R6 players have been experiencing a wide variety of odd happenings with recoil. Ubisoft has confirmed the existence of a “recoil bug,” though, and will ship a fix with the upcoming patch.

A “knife peek exploit,” which allowed players to get way too much information when knifing while leaning and broke several perspective issues, will also be addressed. NA R6 caster and former professional player Michael “KiXSTAr” Stockley highlighted how the exploit works in a tweet.

In addition, players were experiencing issues with the match cancellation feature, which is meant to save teams from having to play four-vs-five when their fifth player fails to load in. This was a function that was being abused against pros and big streamers. It allowed any five-stack to perform a specific series of actions that would result in a canceled match. Using this well-intentioned feature to dodge good players is obviously not its intention.

The upcoming patch will also fix other bugs and could launch the game’s streamer mode.

The full patch notes will be deployed tomorrow. The patch will drop for PC users on March 25 at 8am CT. PlayStation and Xbox users will have to wait for the patch, with the exact date listed as “TBD” in Ubisoft’s announcement.

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