Rainbow Six Siege Operation Vector Glare introduces new TDM map Close Quarter

This map is designed explicitly for Team Deathmatch.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players will have a new Team Deathmatch map to enjoy soon because Operation Vector Glare is introducing Close Quarter, a colorful map explicitly designed for the mode. 

Siege is best known for its objective game modes, where players must rescue hostages or plant or defuse bombs. But it also features a Team Deathmatch mode that’s perfect for players looking for a casual experience in a low-stress environment to warm up. The mode is receiving another map in Operation Vector Glare, adding more variety to the fun playlist. 

Close Quarter is a Team Deathmatch-specific map that isn’t based on an existing Siege map. The developers built the map from the ground up to give players a tailored experience that is perfect for the game mode. The new arena features long sightlines, two floors, and four quadrants color-coded to make it easy for players to always know where they are.

The map also features multiple destructible environments, providing the perfect opportunity for players to experiment with no paths or sightlines. There are also fewer places to hide on Close Quarter, encouraging players to always be hunting their opponents. Some walls and floors are also transparent, making it easier to track enemy movement. 

Operation Vector Glare is also adding the new operator Sens, who are perfect for protecting their team with their new R.O.U Projector System. Team Deathmatch is the perfect place to try Sens before jumping into an actual match, so experiment with their new weapons before committing to a real game. 

Operation Vector Glare launches June 7.