Rainbow Six Siege launches 35-tier Around the World Battle Pass

It comes with free and premium rewards.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege players have a new goal to look for when in the field. Ubisoft released the game’s latest Battle Pass today and it’s loaded with rewards for both free and premium users.

Players have a little under a month to progress through the 35-tiered Around the World Battle Pass before it ends on April 22. Players don’t have to purchase it to earn rewards, but premium users get considerably more prizes.

The Battle Pass costs 1,200 R6 Credits, but players can recover a share of their investment as they progress through the reward tracks. Year 5 Pass holders get a 30-percent discount on the total cost, bringing it down to just 840 credits.

All Siege players can get their hands on two universal charms, two weapon skins, cosmetics for Ash, Mira, and Dokkaebi, and three Alpha Packs—including one legendary. This amounts to 12 rewards, averaging one every three levels.

Users who shell out R6 Credits get their rewards every time they move up a tier, in addition to all the prizes in the free track. Reaching tier 35 will yield a series of operator cosmetics for Thatcher, Doc, Dokkaebi, Ash, Valkyrie, Ela, Mira, and Buck, as well as weapon skins and universal charms. Renown Boosters and Alpha Packs are also on the list of rewards.

The premium track gives a total of 600 R6 Credits. Players who reach the max level will recover half of their initial investment and come out with a wealth of new skins to show for it.

The Around The World Battle Pass made its way to the game shortly after the debut of Operation Void Edge, which ushered in two new operators, Oryx and Iana. It marks Siege’s second foray into battle pass territory after Ubisoft inaugurated the Six Invitational pass last January.