Rainbow Six Siege Ela Elite finally drops after August leak

Art, art, and more art.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

The Ela Elite set randomly became available for purchase earlier today. It’s been nearly five months since the Ela Elite was leaked on Reddit but fans finally have access to the new Rainbow Six Siege Elite set.

Much like many of the newer Elite sets, Ela’s set borrows heavily from the operator’s own personal lore. The Elite looks to be a callback to her days studying Fine Arts before her military heritage caught up to her, according to the operator’s bio

The Elite set is entitled Huk Sztuki, which can be roughly translated from Polish to English as “Bang of Pieces,” according to Google Translate. It’s likely that the meaning of “Sztuki” is more contextual—PCGamesN translated the word to mean “pieces of art.” The name fits well with Ela’s backstory and the overall feel of the skin gives off some against the grain vibes associated with punk rock. Fans were divided on the skin when it was leaked in August, with some fans comparing the skin to a character from the narrative-driven, coming of age game Life is Strange.

Despite knowing that the Ela Elite has existed for some time now, the random drop this morning will please a lot of Ela mains out there. The operator needs some love after her shotgun was nerfed in Operation Shifting Tides.

Elite sets can only be purchased with R6 Credits. Renown isn’t accepted as a means of purchase for Elite sets and players must buy R6 through the store to gain access to the set. The Huk Sztuki set is now available on all platforms.