Rainbow Six Extraction’s ranked system explained

Time for the big leagues.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction provides numerous ways for players to relish its gameplay. The game guides players through its initial levels and slowly but surely teaches the basics and all the core mechanics. After mastering these elements, players can take their experience to ultimate heights with Maelstrom Protocol.

Maelstrom Protocol is the most challenging game mode, and players will need to reach Milestone 16 to unlock this ranked mode. It has nine different objectives to complete compared to the usual three. These objectives have unique Archaean mutations, forcing players to reconsider their strategies and make the best out of their available resources. Moreover, after completing three objectives, the difficulty ramps up to provide players with a more complex end-game scenario.

When players progress through the tasks, the time and resources go down drastically. Players are provided with a roster of six operators that refreshes every week. If an operator goes MIA while playing Maelstrom, players have to go to the core game and bring them back to make use of them. Therefore, players have to prove their prowess on operators who don’t suit their playstyle and constantly adapt to come out on top. 

Unlike regular missions, Maelstrom Protocol refreshes on a weekly basis, which leads to interesting layers of gameplay. If a team fails to clear the levels on their first attempt, they have more opportunities in that time frame (one week) to repeat the same levels and make strategies based on their experience. It encourages players to study complicated conditions and use that knowledge in life-threatening situations.

There are five classes in the Rainbow Six Extraction ranked mode: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Each of these classes provides more experience points to players, such as 20,000K+ in Bronze, 30,000+ in Silver, etc.

Image via Ubisoft

If you finish a Maelstrom challenge successfully, the game rewards the teams generously. Starting from tremendous experience points to max out your operators to REACT credits, which can purchase in-game cosmetics. Moreover, seasonal headgears reflect your ranked growth with the shine of that color. Seasonal headgears aren’t permanent items because players need to continuously prove their skill to keep them in their inventory.