Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog event introduces a terrifying new limited-time mode

Don't miss this exciting new Crisis event.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction players can now enjoy the new Nightmare Fog Crisis event, introducing the new deadly Neurotoxin level, horrifying hallucinations, and a new objective. 

The Nightmare Fog event is the latest limited-time mode where players must work together with their team to fight through the Containment Zone. But this time around, the Containment Zone is clouded in a new deadly fog that exposes operators to a fatal new Neurotoxin. The longer players remain in the fog, the higher their Neurotoxin level will increase, introducing new deadly and debilitating effects. 

Players will start to experience hallucinations of enemies, making it tough to determine what is real or fake. The second level disrupts vision, and a full Neurtoxin meter results in deterioration, causing players to lose health every few seconds. A new Neurostim can be found in safe zones throughout the Containment Zone to lower your Neurotoxin level, but use these wisely to ensure your survival.

The final sub-zone also introduces a new Toxic Tree, which teams must destroy to complete the Crisis and disperse the fog. Making it to this point is no easy task, and the Archaeans will do everything in their power to stop you. 

Players can also expect other exciting updates alongside the Nightmare Fog event. Each operator now has 10 new Prestige progression levels, rewarding players with new cosmetic items for leveling their characters. A new Protean Vigil enemy will now appear during the Gateway objective, and a new REACT Rush Pistol pistol is also available. 

The Rainbow Six Extraction Nightmare Fog Crisis event is available on all supported platforms. The Nightmare Fog event will only be available until June 2, so make sure to experience it with your friends before it’s too late.