Rainbow Six Extraction releases Sept. 16

The wait is almost over.

Image via Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Extraction finally has a release date: Sept. 16.

The game will be a co-op experience, counter to the other current Rainbow Six title, Siege. Siege is fully multiplayer, and Extraction is a continuation of the “Outbreak” single-player experience added to Siege for a limited time during Operation Chimera.

Extraction will feature many of the same mechanics and gadgets as Siege, and there will be exclusive unlocks in Extraction for Siege players. From the gameplay trailer shown during Ubisoft Forward, it appears Siege‘s unique “one-shot headshot” mechanic and environmental destruction will make it into the new game. If an operator is downed during a mission, there will be a side mission prompt to extract them from the clutches of the enemy. Until the operator is extracted from an enemy base, they won’t be available to be selected for missions.

The game will also feature crossplay, allowing all Rainbow Six players to play together.

The game features a Left 4 Dead-style progression through maps and promises enemies that react to your presence in other areas of the world. More information about Extraction and how it will cross over with the world of Siege will be released soon, closer to the game’s September release date.