‘Rainbow is Magic’ skins, game mode to return to R6

Get ready for an onslaught of pink.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

“Rainbow is Magic,” an April Fools’ prank of sorts that was introduced on April 1, 2019, is returning to Rainbow Six Siege, according to a tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege account.

The mode pokes fun at the more serious aspects of the world of R6, placing players inside the Presidential Plane map, remodeled to look like a toy plane inside of the Kid’s Bedroom bomb site of the casual “House” map. All operators become toy soldiers and instead of rescuing a hostage, you rescue “Mr. Bear.”

The skins from the event will be available in the Shop today, with the tweet hinting that the actual event mode won’t be far behind.

The skins for the event are pink and vibrant. Hard anchoring operator Smoke received a furry-esque look complete with cat ears, Navy SEAL operator Blackbeard is now “Princess Blackbeard,” the unofficial “lord” of R6, Tachanka, is now a unicorn, and the reviled Montagne has received a butterfly helmet.

It’s unclear how long the skins will be available, how long the event will run for, or if there are any fundamental changes to the event. R6 has brought back events with minor changes before, such as the Six Invitational-preceding “Stadium” event and map.

Rainbow is Magic should be available to play on March 30.

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