PENTA Levolution banned for cheating until June 2022

The organization is in contact with Ubisoft and has requested further examination of Levolution's case.

Image via Ubisoft

Firat “Levolution” Hisan, a German Rainbow Six Siege player for PENTA, has been banned from all competitions until June 28, 2022, after one of his accounts recently got banned for cheating, the GSA League announced today.

Even though Levolution didn’t play in the GSA League 2021 with the banned account, he’s being suspended according to rule 3.2.5 of the Rainbow Six Global Circuit rulebook, which says “the ban of one account will also affect all other accounts of the player concerned.”

PENTA’s results in the GSA League 2021 are still valid since the account Levolution played all his matches on doesn’t show any noticeable activity, according to the tournament organizer. But he’ll no longer be a part of PENTA’s active Rainbow Six roster until a final verdict has been reached, the organization said.

“We as PENTA expressly distance ourselves from fraud of any kind and strongly condemn the use of unauthorized means,” PENTA said in an official statement. “Levolution has been with us since February of this year, and we know he’s a hard-working player. We’re in contact with Ubisoft and we have requested a further examination of his case. We reserve the right to take further steps if the serious allegations are confirmed on our part after the evidence has been submitted.”

Levolution also released his own statement today via TwitLonger saying that he’s innocent. The German player implied that his account had been banned as part of the ongoing sweep of false-positive BattleEye bans that’s affected some Rainbow Six players.

“I directly informed the responsible persons of the GSA on 24.04.21 before it was brought to their attention by third
parties and thus a need for clarification arose,” Levolution said. “My other two accounts were also checked and they are clean. The account I play with in the GSA had no abnormalities and therefore the ban has no effect on our results so far.

“BattleEye is programmed by humans and is therefore certainly not error-free. But these errors do not
want to be seen. That is the biggest problem here. I am currently just a victim of Ubisoft’s false pride.
Instead of acknowledging the error like other major R6 content creators and publicly communicating
that it was a mistake, they insist that the system doesn’t make mistakes.”

With Levolution banned, PENTA will have to play the rest of their GSA League 2021 matches with Turkish substitute Alp “neixtro” Sengül, who joined the organization in June. PENTA are currently in sixth place and have nine points in total. They’re closer to having to play in relegation than they are to reaching the finals at the moment.