Parabellum Esports suspends R6 coach amid investigation

Dot Esports has reached out for comment.

Screengrab via Ubisoft

Parabellum Esports has opened up an internal investigation into Matthew “Okward1HP” Smedley, according to a statement released by the organization today.

Okward will be suspended without pay for the duration of the investigation. He won’t have any contact with the org’s men’s or women’s R6 rosters and could remain suspended for the Six Invitational, which Parabellum is qualified for. Okward also won’t receive any pay or work with the team during the NACL.

“We at Parabellum Esports, condemn any actions that may threaten the safety or damage any of our members, our community, or our brand,” the organization said.

Parabellum is the home of the core of the former Altiora roster, specifically Zachary “Spiritz” Dionne, Xavier “Eskaa” Avoine, and Keagen “P3NGU1N” Smith. Under Altiora, they qualified for the Six Invitational during the NA Qualifier. The Six Invitational is set to be held in May following a postponement from its previous date in February 2021.

The Six Invitational will feature 20 teams from all around the globe competing for the title of the best in Rainbow Six Siege. The exact format, place, and date of the tournament has not been reported or announced.

Parabellum’s statement did not specify what Okward is under investigation for.

Update April 14 4:49pm CT: Parabellum Esports has released a second statement following an accuser coming forward. Three people (one public, two private) are levying allegations against Okward, according to a Parabellum spokesperson.