Rainbow Six Siege operation Vector Glare introduces new attacker Sens

Sens provides extra cover with ease.

Image via Ubisoft

Operation Vector Glare is adding an exciting new character to Rainbow Six Siege: Sens.

Sens will change the way teams approach areas as they can provide a wall of cover with their new R.O.U Projector gadget and have a powerful arsenal of weapons at their disposal. 

Sens is a new Belgian operator with extensive experience with the Belgian Special Forces Group. Their R.O.U Projector System gadget is the perfect way to protect their team as they move throughout the map. The gadget travels in a straight line and drops small projectors along its path, creating a wall of light that blocks sightlines. Enemies can still shoot through the wall of light, and some operators can see through it with their gadgets or abilities. But Sens still provides excellent cover that can be essential in competitive rounds. 

Video via Ubisoft

Sens is a low-speed, high-health operator, meaning they move slow but can take significant damage. They’re also equipped with the new POF-9 assault rifle and the 417 Marksman Rifle, and players can choose between the SDP 9MM or GONNE-6 as their secondary weapon. 

The R.O.U gadget travels in a straight line, but players can get creative and bounce it off surfaces to change its directory. Don’t be surprised if you see walls creating odd angles and providing the perfect cover for cheeky plants. 

Operation Vector Glare is also introducing other exciting updates alongside Sens. Fans can expect the new Team Deathmatch map Close Quarter, new onboarding tools like the Shooting Range and operator Guides, and Phase One of the Reputation System. 

Operation Vector Glare arrives on June 7. 


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