New evidence supports several Rainbow Six Y4S3 leaks

"Floor doors" is definitely the new term for "hatches."

Image via steamXO

After a surprisingly quiet season of Rainbow Six Siege, the newest Y4S3 operator leaks have rolled in. The community may have also confirmed a past leak by connecting some very suspicious dots on social media. 

The newest and most convincing leak comes from a 4Chan post that was subsequently reposted on Reddit. The leak shows concept art for the upcoming Mexican and Peruvian operators for Y4S3. While the artwork looks a bit out of character for Siege, eagle-eyed YouTuber coreross pointed out that the leaked art bears a striking resemblance to the artwork used in Operation Phantom Sight.

To lend further validity to the leaked images, the Resetera user who leaked both Phantom Sight and Burnt Horizon has weighed in on the images. In response to another user on the forum site, the habitual leaker said that the images are legitimate. Aside from that, though, the leaker has been uncharacteristically quiet this season. This could be due to leaking Y4S3 details before the launch of Y4S2, which would be understandable, given that reliable information is hard to come by.

The community has also found more evidence to support the hatch-ascending operator leak from last season. It’s been speculated for months now that one Y4S3 operator will be able to ascend through hatches that are left unreinforced. Now, fans may have spotted confirmation of that leak. Resetera user CC149er said that a dev may have accidentally let it slip that this is, in fact, the case for an upcoming operator. 

A user tweeted “a hatch in Siege is really just a floor door,” to which senior community developer Craig Robinson said “a one way floor door. I wonder if we can make this change.” While the tweets seem innocuous enough, they’re given a bit more weight when lead game designer Jean-Baptiste Hallé responded with “I see what you did there.” 

The tweet chain is far from official confirmation and could just be the Siege team joking about the leaks, but it does indicate that the topic is on the developers’ minds. The one piece of evidence that seems convincing is that the same leaker who outed Burnt Horizon and Phantom Sight also leaked the hatch ascending operator. 

All of this is speculation, but it does seem like the dots are starting to connect. Fans will likely get a full operation reveal in the closing days of the Six Major Raleigh, which takes place from Aug. 12 to 18. Until then, maybe it’s time to put away the cork boards, red string, and push pins.