Modder releases Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0, a compilation of 7 games with 56 missions

There is a lot of history to read from the franchise.

Screengrab via Menrva

Rainbow Six had all of its early games compiled into a single version for fans of the franchise to play.

Menrva is the modder responsible for releasing Rainbow Six Black Ops 2.0, which he said is “the ultimate Rainbow Six experience from the Rogue Spear era.” He worked on another compilation released in 2014 by another modder called HardcoreHacker, and Black Ops 2.0 includes the following Rainbow Six titles:

  • Rainbow Six (1998)
  • Rainbow Six: Eagle Watch (1999)
  • Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear (1999)
  • Rainbow Six: Urban Operations (2000)
  • Rainbow Six: Covert Ops Essentials (2000)
  • Rainbow Six: Black Thorn (2001)
  • Rainbow Six: Take Down – Missions in Korea (2001)

In total, 56 missions can be played with all operators, difficulties and other content unlocked from the start. It includes content originally released only in Korea for Urban Operations and Take Down, properly translated and coherently inserted into the main storyline of the Rainbow Six games.

The preview shows the functioning of the menus and contents included, as well as some gameplay at the end.

The version also includes bug fixes of the 2014 release and uses sounds restored from the original games instead of the previous custom ones. Additionally, it updates various map textures and uniforms from the original games to better versions for the Black Thorn v2 .61 game engine.

All are available for anyone to play, without the need for the original games, many of which are no longer officially sold. Despite this, Menrva made clear his desire to add some verification by requiring players to own at least one of the Rogue Spear games, as reported by Eurogamer.

“If Rogue Spear ever gets on, I will modify the installation process accordingly,” Menrva said.