Mira Elite revealed at Six Major Raleigh

The tinkerer and the soldier.

Image via Ubisoft

As if a full reveal of Operation Ember Rise wasn’t exciting enough, fans got their first official look at the upcoming Mira Elite skin. 

The final day of the Six Major Raleigh has seen an amazing showcase of Rainbow Six Siege content. Not only did fans get their first official look at Operation Ember Rise, but they also caught a glimpse of the new Mira Elite skin. It was only a few days ago that fans gained access to the Smoke Sanguine Arsenic Elite skin, so the Mira Elite is a major bonus. 

The Elite looks like a resistance fighter from WWII, which fits with past Elite skins like Mute and Fuze. The Elite set is named Inspiración, undoubtedly referring to Mira being Team Rainbow’s chief of Research and Development. It’s nice to see the devs leaning into the loosely built lore of Rainbow Six Siege

Mira is one of the most banned operators in the entire Siege scene. From Pro League to Ranked, Mira is normally side-lined due to the strength of her Black Mirror gadget. The gadget allows for players to insert a one-way mirror into any wall where the Black Mirror will fit. The gadget provides unparalleled intel for defenders, so it only makes sense that she would be banned from competitive play. 

The Mira Elite will be available with the launch of Operation Ember Rise later this year. Until a full release date comes in, fans can check out the newest operation tomorrow, Aug 19 on the Technical Test Server (TTS).